The Radiation Center is equipped with a Gammacell 220 60Co gamma irradiator which is capable of delivering high doses of gamma radiation to a wide variety of materials.  The irradiator is used by researchers wishing to perform mutation and other biological effects studies; studies in the area of radiation chemistry; radiation dosimeter testing; sterilization of food materials, soils, sediments and other media; gamma radiation damage studies; and for many other applications.

Sample Chamber Size:            6 inches diameter by 8 inches high

Current Exposure Rate:          508,466 R h-1 as of July 5, 2018

In addition to the Gammacell irradiator, the Radiation Center is also equipped with a variety of smaller sealed radiation sources of various curie levels which are available for use as irradiation sources.  Radioisotopes contained within these sources include 60Co (gamma), 137Cs (gamma), 226Ra (gamma), 239Pu-Be (neutron), and 90Sr-90Y (beta).