Oregon State TRIGA Reactor (OSTR) Irradiations

For questions related to the use of the OSTR including technical information and scheduling, please call Robert Schickler at 541-737-7046 (robert.schickler@oregonstate.edu)

In general, first time users are encouraged to contact us so that we can walk you through our process for requesting and performing the irradiation as well as arranging for the return of the sample after irradiation.  In order to ensure safe operation under our license with the USNRC, we require information about the irradiation (Irradiation Request Information Form) and information on the sample itself (Irradiation Request Standard Form).  Each sample (or series of samples as appropriate) used in an irradiation is required to be accompanied by these two forms.  The link to the forms and the procedures for filling these out (with common examples) can be found below. 

Procedures for requesting an irradiation in the OSTR:  OSTROP 18 Appendix A

Irradiation Request Information Form:          IR Info Form 

Irradiation Request Sample Form:      IR Standard Form 


Gamma Cell Irradiations

For questions related to the use including technical information and scheduling of the Gammacell, contact Scott Menn at 541-737-7051 (scott.menn@oregonstate.edu)

Neutron Activation Analysis

For questions related to Neutron Activation Analysis, contact Dr. Leah Minc at 541-737-4216 (leah.minc@oregonstate.edu)