The Radiation Center is equipped with many instruments for the detection and analysis of radioactive materials.  These systems are used to make a quantitative determination of the amount and type of radioactive material present in samples over a wide range of activity levels.  These instruments include:

·         1 Gas-Flow Proportional Counter (gross alpha/beta counting)

·         1 Liquid Scintillation Counter (alpha/beta counting and spectroscopy)

·         6 High Purity Germanium Counters (gamma spectroscopy)

·         3 High Purity Germanium Multi-Sample Systems (gamma spectroscopy)

·         1 Alpha Spectroscopy System (alpha spectroscopy)

·         Many portable GM, alpha, ion chamber, and μrem instruments

Determination of the sensitivity or lower limit of detection is specific to each sample type and geometry.  The staff of the Radiation Center will work with you to determine the best method for analysis based upon the detection capabilities as well as the form and number of samples you wish to analyze. 

The Radiation Center serves as the radiological analytical support laboratory for radiological emergencies for the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) and Oregon Public Health Authority Radiation Protection Services.  As part of the ODOE Emergency Response Plan with respect to the USDOE Hanford Reservation and the Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Power Plant as well as incidence involved with transportation, the Radiation Center maintains a set of procedures and capability to provide radiological analytical and advisory support in the event of a radiological release or incident within the State of Oregon.